IntelliJ プラットフォーム SDK プラグイン開発ガイド

ページを編集 (英語)


This page lists notable additions and updates to the SDK documentation and code samples.

See 最新のアップデート ( RSS(英語) ) for a detailed changelog.


5 月

Inspect Swing components and associated data (like AnAction for menu item) using UIインスペクタ

3 月

JCEF Support (Experimental Feature)
Allows embedding Chromium-based browser in the IDE.

2 月

All Code Samples converted to Gradle
All samples(英語) now use the recommended solution of setting up plugin projects.

1 月

Custom Language Support Tutorial converted to Gradle
The corresponding tutorial and カスタム言語プラグインのテスト have been updated and enhanced as well.
Targeting specific IDEs
パートVIII - 製品仕様 has been expanded massively, now also covering each IDE with its own dedicated page.


12 月

Dynamic Plugins support
Added starting point 動的プラグイン for migrating plugins (IntelliJ Platform 2020.1 and later).
Plugin Components migration
Components being a legacy feature, the updated page describes migrating them to modern replacement API.

10 月

パートX - Plugin Repository moved
All contents have been moved to JetBrainsマーケットプレイス(英語) documentation.

7 月

新規ページ: パフォーマンスの最適化
How to improve performance working with PSI, indexing, and avoiding UI freezes.

5 月

新規ページ: Kotlin UI DSL
Describes preferred way of building UI/dialogs for IntelliJ Platform 2019.2 and later.