MPS 2023.3 ヘルプ

モデルとモジュールの依存関係を使う FAQ

// Entry point // accessing model of the node model m = node.model; /* "Down-"casting it to the interface from MPS open API. Similarly this will work on node<> -> SNode, enumeration -> SEnumeration, concept -> SConcept */ SModel sModel = m; /* "Up-"casting an interface from MPS open API to an smodel language type. Similarly this will work on SNode -> node<>, SEnumeration -> enumeration, SConcept -> concept */ model m2 = sModel; // non-open API interface for MPS model SModelInternal internalSModel = (SModelInternal) sModel; // accessing the module owning the model SModule sModule = sModel.getModule();
// Repository or modules // accessing repository of modules SRepository sRepository = sModel.getRepository(); // accessing modules from the repository Iterable<SModule> modules = sRepository.getModules(); SModule module = sRepository.getModule(sModule.getModuleId()); SModule closuresRuntimeModule = sRepository.getModule( module reference /closures.runtime/.getModuleId());
// Languages are represented as a special module type if (module instanceof Language) { Language language = (Language) module; }
// Getting language by "direct" reference: // Note: no repository is mentioned here. In the MPS we actually have single repository now, // so you can use this expression to get module from the single repository Language mpsBaseLanguage = (Language) module /jetbrains.mps.baseLanguage/;
// Module dependencies // accessing module dependencies <SDependency> dependencies = module.getDeclaredDependencies()
// adding used language to a module AbstractModule internalModule = (AbstractModule) sModule; internalModule.getModuleDescriptor().getUsedLanguages().add( module reference /jetbrains.mps.baseLanguage/);
// modify module dependencies <Dependency> internalDependencies = internalModule.getModuleDescriptor().getDependencies(); <SModuleReference> usedModuleReferences ={~it => it.getModuleRef(); }); internalModule.getModuleDescriptor().getDependencies().add(new Dependency(module reference/closures.runtime/, SDependencyScope.DEFAULT, false));
// working with DevKits: internalModule.getModuleDescriptor().getUsedDevkits().add( module reference /jetbrains.mps.devkit.general-purpose/);
// Models // accessing models from the module Iterable<SModel> models = sModule.getModels(); sModule.getModel(sModel.getModelId());
// working with imported models: internalSModel.importedModels(); internalSModel.addModelImport(sModel.getReference(), false); internalSModel.deleteModelImport(sModel.getReference());
// working with imported languages: internalSModel.importedLanguages(); internalSModel.addLanguage(mpsBaseLanguage.getModuleReference()); internalSModel.addLanguage(module reference/jetbrains.mps.baseLanguage/);
// working with imported DevKits internalSModel.importedDevkits(); internalSModel.addDevKit(module reference/jetbrains.mps.devkit.general-purpose/); internalSModel.deleteDevKit(module reference/jetbrains.mps.devkit.general-purpose/);