MPS 2019.1ヘルプ


Reference operations

Accessing references

Following operation were created co access reference instance representing a reference from source node to target one. Operations are applicable on source node:

  • reference< > - returns an instance of reference type representing specified reference. This operation requires "linkQualifier" parameter used as reference specification. Parameter can be either link declaration of source node's concept or expression returning node<LinkDeclaration> as a result

  • references - returns sequence<reference> representing all references specified in source node.

Working with

Having an instance of reference type you can call the following operations on it:

  • linkDeclaration - returns node<LinkDeclaration> representing this reference

  • resolveInfo - returns string resolve info object

  • role - returns reference role - similar to reference.linkDeclaration.role;

  • target - returns node<> representing reference target is it was specified and located in model(s)

最終更新日: 2019年7月5日