dotMemory 2018.3ヘルプ


Sometimes, for example in case of a production web server, it may be not possible to install dotMemory on a computer and take a regular snapshot for analysis. Typically, your last resort in such a case is a Windows raw memory dump. It can be created by a number of tools, but certainly, the two most popular ones are Task Manager (comes with the operating system) and Process Explorer.

dotMemory allows importing and analyzing raw dumps as regular snapshots: involving all product features like automatic inspections and retention diagrams.

To import a process dump

  1. ホームページの左側のパネルで、インポートダンプをクリックします。

  2. 開いたダイアログで、目的のワークスペースファイルを選択し、開くをクリックします。

    After this, the imported dump will be converted into a regular dotMemory workspace.

最終更新日: 2019年3月15日