dotCover 2018.2 Help


Out of the box, dotCover features have default configurations, which are based on conventions and best practices in the .NET world. However, every feature can be flexibly adjusted according to your needs and preferences.

dotCover preferences can be configured in the following places:

The main set of dotCover options is saved using the mechanism of layered settings, which allows you to have different preferences for different solutions and to share the preferences with your team by keeping the desired subset of settings under a VCS. When configuring dotCover, it is very important to understand the way the mechanism of layered settings work. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to study the dotCover設定の管理と共有 topic before you make any significant changes to dotCover settings.

To configure the main set of dotCover preferences

  1. In the Visual Studio menu, choose ReSharper | オプション .
    In the main menu of the standalone dotCover application, choose ファイル | オプション .
  2. 表示されるオプションダイアログで、左側のペインでノードを選択し、右側のペインで設定を行います。
  3. 保存をクリックして変更を適用し、保存する場所をdotCoverに選択させるか、次へ保存ドロップダウンリストを使用して特定の設定レイヤーに変更を保存します。詳細は、ドットカバー設定の管理と共有を参照してください。


最終更新日: 2018年9月4日